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The Meikle Original series Two Brothers is now streaming on Fearless! Watch all episodes of this powerful new series plus the rest of the Fearless catalog - all included in your $5/mo membership.

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Unlimited streaming.

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No ads.

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Watch anywhere.

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Past titles + all future content.

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Support independent creators.

100% of the content on Fearless is made by independent creators. Every time you watch, you are supporting them with views, revenue or both. At no cost to you.

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Fearless Originals & Exclusives.

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For just $5/mo. Keep your discounted price for as long as you remain a member.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fearless?

Fearless is the streaming service for every voice. With movies, shows and short films made by Fearless Creators, there's always something powerful and entertaining to watch. Plus, Fearless ensures that under-represented voices get spotlighted too including women, Black, Disabled, LGBTQ, and Indigenous voices.

What is included in a Fearless membership?

Membership includes access to the entire Fearless catalog of movies, shows and short films including new content that is added on Fridays. In addition, all plans come with every feature. No add-ons or upgrades.

What does "inclusive movies & shows" really mean?

Big Hollywood megacorps often leave out the voices and stories of under-represented communities.

On Fearless, we do the opposite and give a voice to LGBTQ, Female, Black, Indigenous and Disabled folx. We believe everyone should be able to see themself on screen. Period.

Who makes the movies and shows on Fearless?

Every title on Fearless is made by an independent creator instead of the big corporations. The result is authentic, raw and impactful content that features a wide variety of perspectives, voices and stories.

Plus, every time you watch content on Fearless, you are directly supporting these creators with views, income or both (all at no additional cost to you).

Want to learn more about the Creators on Fearless? Check out the Channels feature!

Is Fearless for kids?

Not really. While there are definitely some titles appropriate for kids and/or the whole family, Fearless was designed as an adult-focussed streaming service and parents should take caution as many of the titles on Fearless are not appropriate for minors.

Fearless puts age-ratings and/or Age Suitability filters on titles whenever possible, but parents should also use their own discretion.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, members can cancel their membership at any time and it will end at the completion of their current billing cycle. There is no commitment or contracts. Please note that we do not issue refunds for partially-used periods.

Have questions? Need help?

The Fearless Support Center is your self-serve hub for the answers you need. And if you need a human's help, you can connect with us via Live Chat.

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There are a lot of people and stories that the main stream media still isn’t recognizing. I’m happy that there are a group of creators finally having their voices heard. This is an essential and fun streaming service! Consider me a fan ;).

<p><span style="color: rgb(255,255,255);" ><span class="text-xl">NichoEcho via the App Store</span></span></p>,

NichoEcho via the App Store